BREAKING: French Police Just Found ANOTHER Truck in Nice, Discover CHILLING Contents

Was this in reference to the cryptic texts that were found on the terrorist's phone?


Despite taking out 84 people last week with his truck, the terror attack in Nice, France committed by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel looks like it could’ve been far worse. French Special Forces just found disturbing contents in a second truck, located near the apartment where the Islamic terrorist lived.

As Conservative Tribune reports. 

The Iranian-based news agency Al-Alam News Network reported that French Special Forces found and defused a truck bomb near the apartment of the terrorist who drove another truck laden with explosives into a crowd of spectators at a Bastille Cay fireworks show in Nice on Thursday.

An iTele TV channel correspondent reported that: “We have seen policemen in masks take someone away, we don’t know who it was.”

This disturbing news comes just on the heels of the recently-found texts that Bouhlel had sent from his phone right before the attack, where he demanded weapons, and included a cryptic message about “location C.”

The receiver of the text message was a 37-year-old man who authorities arrested Sunday in Nice, France. The text from Bouhlel stated: “Bring more weapons, bring five of them to C.”

Since the massacre, 200 investigators have been working non-stop to figure out what these text messages referred to. This recently discovered truck could’ve very well been in reference to one of the texts that they discovered on Bouhlel’s phone, after recovering it from the scene.

Since the attack, ISIS has claimed Bouhlel as one of their own, referring to him as a “soldier of Islam.” A psychiatrist who saw Bouhlel as a patient in 2004, said that he diagnosed the killer with “the beginnings of psychosis.”

Although the attack was devastating, thankfully French authorities were able to locate this truck and diffuse it before anyone else was harmed. It could’ve been much worse for the people of Nice, France, had someone been able to utilize this deadly weapon.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]



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