BREAKING: Final Chilling Words of France Terrorist Revealed, Media Silent

There's one small detail that the media is widely keeping under wraps, since it doesn't fit their agenda.


Following the horrific carnage last night after a psycho Muslim by the name of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove his truck into a French crowd celebrating Bastille Day, the world has been left in shock over yet another senseless attack carried out in the name of Islam.

French police forces and forensic officers stand next to the truck

The Tunisian-born immigrant described as a “weird loner” was suffering from depression after his wife decided to leave him, and found himself with ongoing debacles with local police, convicted of petty crimes such as theft and vandalism. Despite being in trouble with the law, authorities say Bouhlel was not on a terror watch list, or suspected of posing a security threat to France.

attackerBut looks like authorities had it all wrong. By the time Bouhlel was done with his bloody attack on a local crowd last night, at least 10 children perished among the 84, while many remain on life support today following the event.

But there’s one small detail that the media is widely keeping under wraps, since it doesn’t fit their agenda, as they love to downplay Islam anytime one of these idiots goes on a killing spree.  Witnesses report that the Muslim was screaming “Allahu Akbar” moments before he was shot dead by police; the battle cry martyrs frequently use as they go out in what they perceive as a blaze of glory.

Other recent revelations into Bouhlel’s family life was just unearthed by Fury News after we visited the Muslim bastard’s Facebook page, showing how he indoctrinated his own children; little psycho-minis he bestowed his radical ideology upon. As we previously reported:

Shocking photos from Mohamed Bouhlel’s Facebook page have surfaced, which give a terrifying insight into the terrorist’s home life. The man’s cover photo is a picture of three small children, which are assumed to be his, all holding weapons and grinning at the camera.


The photo was deleted from Bouhlel’s Facebook page earlier today, but we managed to get a screenshot before it was removed:


How horrifying. We will continue to keep you updated as new details emerge about this case. Our thoughts and prayers continue for France, and for the victims whose lives were destroyed by this senseless act of terror.

H/T [Americas Freedom Fighters]



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