Right Before Nice Terror Attack, Mysterious Stickers Appeared With Menacing Message for Non-Muslims

How unnerving. Could there be a connection with these eerie messages and the latest terror attack


Right before the terror attack in Nice, France that took the lives of 84 innocent people, mysterious stickers began appearing in random places throughout streets and parks across major cities in Europe. As Muslim immigrants continue to issue mass chaos across the places that they’re infiltrating, with increasing terror attacks and sexual attacks on women being continuously reported, the message that these mysterious stickers are sending should not be ignored.

Now in the wake of yet another terror attack, perhaps Muslim extremists were trying to send infidels a warning of what would happen if they don’t obey Sharia Law, and comply with the commands that Allah has set forth.

Mad World News reports that these sinister stickers first began appearing in Nybro, Sweden, issuing a clear warning to non-Muslims on what would happen if they do not comply with Sharia Law. One alarming sticker read  “Women who do not wear the veil are asking to be raped.” Another found read, “No democracy. We just want Islam.”

Mystery Stickers Pop Up All Over City With Terrifying Message To Non-Muslims

After these messages began circulating, many began to speculate as to who was responsible for sending the dire and eerie warnings. Police have opened an investigation to find the cause of the perpetrator, but so far they do not have any leads.


Mad World News has more:

According to Breitbart, the stickers have surfaced just weeks after similar messages appeared in Emmaboda, a town just half-an-hour away from Nybro. However, instead of threats, the previous stickers bore the message, “Multiculturalism is bad for your children and your grandchildren.” These stickers were also stamped with “Nordfront,” a Swedish anti-open doors movement.

The Islamic stickers in Nybro fall on the heels of outrageous leaflets distributed in mailboxes just recently in Machester, England. Although officials aren’t certain if these warnings are legitimate or a hoax, the papers ask Britons not to walk their dogs in public in order to keep neighborhoods “pure” for the Muslim minority.

How unnerving. Could there be a connection with these eerie messages and the latest terror attack? As more information continues to emerge about Muslim immigrant Mohamed Bouhlel who carried out his attack in the name of Allah while screaming Allahu Akbar, there is no doubt a direct link to Islam. It will be interesting to see where else these menacing messages appear, as people are still finding them being littered around major cities across Europe.

H/T [Mad World News]


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Andy F

IF it’s posted in France, why is it in English?