[WATCH] Horrifying Moment Hairdryer Prank Turns Into Flaming NIGHTMARE


[SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR VIDEO] With everyone scrambling to have their 15 minutes of internet fame, sometimes things are taken a little bit too far. In one such case, a husband sets up a prank on his wife, and then patiently waits with his phone set to record the expected hilarity. However, things took a serious (and not funny) turn, when the baby powder catches fire inside the blow dryer and nearly burns all his wife’s hair off.

What started off as a light-hearted joke, quickly turns into a flaming nightmare. Initially, the woman reacts to baby powder being blown in her face, but the next instant she is shrieking in horror as the powder shoots fireballs directly in her face. There’s no word yet as to when the divorce will be taking place.



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