The “Killary Challenge” Is Sweeping the Internet and Has Hillary FURIOUS


I was personally issued the F*%# Killary Challenge on social media by a good friend of mine. Glenn Snow / RG Snow is one hell of an American Patriot and when he was challenged by the man that started the Challenge Kenneth McGrew ,  he gladly agreed and began to spread the word.

It caught on and is now a wild fire that can not be stopped. #KILLARY has now hit other countries as well. Many Patriots in Australia, Sweden, Canada, an more have shared their F Killary photos recently.

The reason for this…. to outline the horrid tragedy of Benghazi, and to make it clear that we will NEVER forget the four killed that day. It has been proven that Hillary Clinton did in fact know about the attack prior to it happening. We Americans are aware of her connections to many terrorist groups, her constant lies, and her less than American rhetoric.

Top that off with her criminal activities, her calling the families of the Benghazi victims liars, and her new speech about the Orlando shooting, we are all very much finished with her.

She had the balls to state yesterday, “This is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States and it reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets,”

If she somehow pulls the Presidency this November it will be a clear case of voting fraud perpetuated by the government in my opinion.

That being said, I am officially challenging EVERY American to take the challenge. Show is a mass effort of force that the tyranny, murder, lies, treachery, and down right foul actions of Hillary Clinton will NEVER go unnoticed!!!

H/T [ Hillary calls family liars ]


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Please keep in mind that not every American who hates Hillary is a conservative. I’m far left (Sander supporter, still) and I despise that bitch as much as you do.