BREAKING: Hillary BLOCKED Investigation Into Orlando Killer’s Mosque For 1 Infuriating Reason


First Benghazi, then San Bernadino, and now… that’s right….the Orlando shooting. the common denominator? Hillary and her State Department. Yes all three were being investigated and could have been stopped had a certain Presidential Candidate NOT ordered evidence destroyed. Clinton’s State Dept. shut down the investigation, because she said it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”

A now retired DHS agent by the name Philip Haney had been running a special investigation into a worldwide Islamist movement originating from Pakistan known as Tablighi Jamaat. Agent Haney can be credited for discovering the link between many mosques and terrorists known to reside in the U.S. that have ties to many terror organizations including but not limited to Al Qaida and Hama.


Wouldn’t you know that when Haney’s investigations was just getting good Hillary and her then State Dept. decided to squash it claiming it was “unfairly targeting Muslims.” It has been discovered that many of the most important documents that Haney had prepared were not surprisingly DELETED in 2012. So, even way back in 2012 these attacks were predicted and backed up with proof.

San Bernadino
San Bernadino

Just imagine all of the horror that could have been entirely avoided had Hillary not ONCE AGAIN committed  crime of epic proportions.

They must have forgotten to use the M.I.B. flash stick however because Haney knew the  second he heard the name of the mosque was familiar, and he pulled his personal files. He rather quickly determined that the shooters mosque, the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, was in fact one of the ones that he had found to be part of the network uncovered five years ago.

“This case struck me as very similar to the San Bernardino shooting case,” Haney said. “I suspected that they were both part of a national and international network of organizations.”

The feds are now at a disadvantage to Haney whom is able to piece together this new attack rather quickly and efficiently, making him an asset to the investigation. Let’s hope that Hillary doesn’t decide to delete anything else.

(Featured image from Infowars)


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