DISGUSTING: Homeless Vet Dies Alone While Obama Does THIS For New Refugees


The surge of Syrian refugees into America is increasing at a staggering rate of hundreds per week. Obama welcomes them with not only open arms, but showers them with free housing, free food, free education and free medical care. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been allotted to make these America-haters as comfortable as possible. Meanwhile, thousands of veterans who have shed their blood and sacrificed their sanity for the country that they love are tossed out into the streets, with no one to advocate for them. Completely devoid of medical care or shelter, many American veterans become homeless and ultimately die alone, cold, hungry and forgotten.

HomelessVia Us Herald:

Sture, a homeless man in his 60’s was found dead early Wednesday morning outside the hospital in Nynashamn. Sture had sought refuge from the cold in Nynäshamn’s hospital during the night, but he was not allowed to remain there. A security guard threw him out, and without any offers of housing from the municipality, and out of options, he was forced to spend the night at a bus stop outside the hospital. In the morning he was found frozen to death.

On the very same night that this man was literally left to die on the side of the road, a family of Muslims was settling in to their new home and learning how to use a toilet for the first time. Although this particular incident happened Sweden, there are close to 50K homeless veterans in the United States alone. The fact that Obama continually disregards the lives of American heroes and favors instead people who only seek to destroy our great country is absolutely disgusting. It’s only going to get worse, and our Nation is on a direct path to destruction.


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