DEVELOPING: Islamic Terror Attack In Paris, GUNFIRE, EXLOSIONS


The globe has barely had a chance to breathe following the horrific Orlando massacre, and reports are now coming in of another terror attack at the hands of lslamic extremists. Witnesses are reporting gunfire and explosions in a Paris suburb community of Magnanville, which began around 9 pm local time.

Via RT:

French special police have surrounded a house where a man is holding hostages. The attacker stabbed the home owner, a police officer who was reportedly his neighbor.

RAID special forces raided the premises and shot the stabber dead, Francetv infohas reported, citing a French Interior Ministry spokesman. The officers reportedly discovered the body of a woman in the house and rescued a 3-year old boy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.12.39 PM

The attack began around 9 pm local time with the fatal stabbing of a plainclothes policeman, identified by French media as Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, near his Magnanville home, AFP reported.

The assailant, reportedly a neighbor, stabbed the police officer nine times in front of the house before taking his wife and son hostage, Le Parisian reported. The outlet said the victim was a deputy chief of the judicial police at the Les Mureaux police station.

Neighbors were alerted after they heard a man chanting lslamic phrases. Elite police forces arrived on the scene at around 9:30 pm, where they cordoned off the area. They attempted to negotiate with the attacker, but failed. As of now, a motive has yet to be determined.

Complete insanity. Maybe these countries (to include America) will learn that you can’t just blindly accept refugees into your country, expecting anything less than barbaric 7th-century behavior!

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