DEMENTED: Orlando Survivors Have Omar Mateen’s Blood Coursing Through Their Veins


It’s becoming more and more apparent that Omar Mateen’s attack on the Orlando nightclub was intricately planned and thought-out well in advance before carried the fateful morning of June 12.

So his choice to donate blood last month might have been Mateen’s demented way to ensure that any survivors of the massacre would forever be personally marked, having his blood forever flowing their their veins. The OneBlood donation center confirmed that the shooter donated blood, after one employee recognized Mateen from a recent drive a little over a month ago. The donation center was used to supply the blood that was later used to save the lives of those injured in the bloody attack.


“OneBlood has learned that Omar Mateen donated blood at a mobile blood drive in Ft. Pierce, Florida, on May 29,” OneBlood vice president Susan Forbes said in a statement to ABC News. “All facets of the donation were in our normal parameters for blood donation, including screening questions and post-donation blood testing. A staff member recognized Mateen’s face from media photos and told their supervisor.”

OneBlood confirmed that donated blood can be used for up to 42 days after its donated, placing Mateen’s donation well within that time window.

Following the shooting, the center became a center point for the local community, as hundreds lined up to donate blood in the hopes of saving the victims.


It’s obvious that Mateen did not care about his fellow man, as he was so callously able walk into a nightclub and gun down 49 innocent people. So I truly doubt that his blood donation was out of the kindness of his heart. It sounds to me like this man was demented in more ways than one, fully-knowing that his blood donation would later be injected into the veins of the terrified individuals who survived his bloody and psychotic massacre.

H/T [ABC News]



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Considering the fact that red blood cells are recycled in a few weeks by the spleen, your idea of ‘forever’ and mine, differ.