Look at the Ship That Just Docked In Communist Cuba….


After 50 years, on May 2nd of 2016, Cubans saw the arrival of its first US cruise ship, as it docked in Havana this afternoon bringing over 700 tourists to add to its booming tourism economy.

The ship “Adonis” is the first to make the seaborne venture since President Obama and Cuba’s own Raul Castro restored diplomatic relations last year, putting an end to the decades-old restrictions on trading and traveling.

This is set to be a historic 7 day cruise, with stops in Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. Many people celebrated as the “Adonis,” which is focusing on Cuban themed events throughout the trip, departed Miami.


Amidst all the celebrating, many Cubans are upset that they are still not allowed to board cruise ships and leave Cuba by sea as tourists themselves. This has raised the issue of Individual and Cultural Traveler Discrimination.

Let’s hope this first visit goes well for all involved. In the months to follow, Carnival cruise line will be looking into sending larger cruise ships, which will be able to overflow the markets in downtown Havana, bringing in an estimated 10-million-dollar boost to Cuba’s struggling economy.

Although initially Cuban-Americans were restricted from entering via the cruise line, Cuban officials have since lifted the ban. However, many have chosen not to go, simply for the fact that they have to jump through so many loopholes to enter. Does anyone else see anything funny with the Cuban government receiving 500,000 per cruise from the Carnival Cruiseline per trip?



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