[WATCH] GANG of Islamic Refugees Denied FREE FOOD, So They Surround Restaurant and…..


We are all too aware of the barbaric nature that has come along with accepting Islāmic Immigrants as they continue to flood countries around the globe. Residents accustomed to a peaceful way of life have now been forced to defend themselves not only at home, but also at their sources of financial income. It seems as though the Islāmic population flooding towns have begun imposing their sense of entitlement upon everyone. They believe that not only should they be welcomed into foreign countries with open arms, but also that business owners must give them their services for free. Such is the case for a small restaurant owner in Brazil who recently found himself defending his life and his property from a group of Islāmic African Immigrants.

There was a huge misunderstanding between the two parties. The Brazilian business owner who for years has grown accustomed to actually getting paid for his services v/s the African Islāmic  group of Immigrants who just think everything is up for grabs and of course are entitled to take whatever they want for free. The result is quite disturbing, as a riot begins to form and soon the restaurant owner is facing up to six assailants. The restaurant owner found himself wielding a machete to fend off the Immigrants as they continuously attempted to gain entry to his restaurant. The matter escalated as the owner defended his lively hood until you can hear a shot ring out. In the second video you’ll see an immigrant wait patiently then when the coast is clear he attempts to ambush the owner from the side in trying to kick the machete from his grasp. Luckily the owner was able to keep a grip and continue to fight as he closed his partition to protect his business.

This is a very chilling example of what others are facing as they approach the refugee crisis as humanitarians. If Obama has his way, we too right here in  America will find ourselves doing just the same. Protecting our homes, our businesses and am sure our young daughters and wives from the savage mindsets of these radical followers of the Islāmic  faith. It’s no wonder people are fleeing and seeking asylum as  they’ve single handily over time  wrecked their own nations and now rest of the world must conform to the Sharia mindset.

H/T [Mad World News]


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