YES REALLY: Obama CONGRATULATES Himself After White Teen Is Kidnapped and Tortured By Thugs


This past week the country was stunned after learning how four individuals tortured a mentally handicapped male live on Facebook. The attackers were 2 black females and 2 black males from the ages of 18-24 years old. Thankfully, they were all arrested and charged with felony crimes including a hate crime. Now Barack Obama has decided to weigh in on this horrific crime and what he said proves how out of touch and delusional this man truly is.

Obama stepped forward yesterday and called the torture of a mentally disabled white man by 4 blacks who broadcasted the entire event on Facebook Live “despicable.” However, he then went on to say that this was not a sign of racial tension worsening, but that race relations have actually improved under his leadership.



The idiot-in-chief actually had the audacity to say that race relations in the U.S. are “very positive.”

If you want to hear Obama talk out of his ass, here is the entire CBS interview:

Compare that to his response when Micheal Brown was shot. Obama said that the shooting exposed the racial divide in the American justice system that “stains the heart of black children.”

He also went on to say,

“That has a corrosive effect,”  Obama said. “The worst part of it is, it scars the hearts of our children. It scars the hearts of white children who grow unnecessarily fearful of somebody who doesn’t look like them. It stains the heart of black children who feel as if no matter what he does, he’ll always be under suspicion. That is not the society we want, it is not the society our children deserve.”

Obama lives in a land of make believe and this statement proves it. The American people know that race relations have not improved which was confirmed by a Rasmussen poll done this past July. In the poll, 60 percent of people said that they felt that race relations have dramatically deteriorated since Obama was elected 8 years ago. Only 9 percent said race relations have gotten better under the first black president, and 28 percent said they have stayed about the same.

That does not sound like race relations have improved to me, Mr. President.

Under Obama’s administration, he has constantly pitted Americans against each other that has left the country angry and frustrated. Under his “leadership” the country has never been more divided and it is now time that we unite again. I can only hope that this can be achieved before we are further ripped apart.

H/T [ The Washington Times]


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