Van Jones Says Muslim Keith Ellison Is Future of the Democratic Party


According to liberal activist Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones, the Clinton family’s grip over the Democrat Party has come to an end as he proposes doubling down on their political ideals with new leaders for the distraught and broken political group.

Over the course of the election season, the Democrat party was nearly destroyed through the revelations brought forth by the Wikileaks email releases showing collusion with the corporate media and other Super PACs. With Hillary Clinton now defeated and out of the picture, the party is seeking new leadership and Van Jones thinks he knows what that direction should be, but most conservative Americans would sorely disagree.

“You have to understand, I think that the Clinton days are over,” Jones told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview that aired last Sunday. “This idea that we’re going to be this moderate party … those days are over.”

In the interview, Jones nominates two potential leaders for the Democrat party outlining their progressive-left beliefs and ideals. He first mentions Kamala Harris, a California Democrat who was just elected to the US Senate. The former Attorney General for California has also been named as a potential “first woman president” by the Huffington Post after Hillary Clinton conceded to President-elect Donald Trump.

“She’s going to be out there defending those DREAMer kids because they’re a big part of her constituency,” Jones said. “But she’s got African-American roots. She’s got Asian roots. She’s female. She’s tough. She’s smart. She’s going to become a big deal.”

The other candidate named by Jones is a very controversial pick. Representative Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress, was accused of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood by Chris Gaubatz, a national security consultant, before a Senate Panel about Islamic terrorism.

“I attended a convention in Columbus, Ohio, in 2008, organized by Muslim Brotherhood group, ISNA, and both the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons had recruitment and outreach booths,” Gaubatz said in his testimony. “Both Congressman Keith Ellison, MN, and Andre Carson, IN, spoke at the Muslim Brotherhood event.”

As the political divide in America continues to progress into extreme polar opposites, the members of the left political party will continue to grow more progressive while the right has adopted a new alternative stance under Donald Trump that can be categorized as traditional liberal conservatism.

However, these suggested party leaders by Jones will push the Democrat party into a full-fledged socialist organization opposing free speech and promoting the failed ObamaCare while pushing for more immigration and higher taxes for the middle class.

H/T [Pamela Geller]


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