PISSED OFF Citizen Sees What Obama’s Welfare Queen Does When She Leaves Store, Immediately Snaps This Picture!


While many hard-working Americans put in 40 hours a week just to make ends meet, the other half of Obama’s classy Americans enjoy sitting on their asses collecting a fat welfare check on our dime. If it wasn’t bad enough that these welfare leeches enjoy the luxuries of life for free that the rest of us toil away to earn, what one man caught on camera after leaving his local grocery store will make your blood absolutely boil.

While standing in line waiting to purchase a few items from his local Walmart, Salt Lake City resident Vincent Janosko noticed a non-speaking English woman paying for her huge grocery cart of items with an EBT food stamp card. While probably rightfully assuming this was yet another one of Obama’s illegal immigrants living off the hard-working taxpayer’s dime, it’s what Janosko noticed in parking lot when he was getting ready to drive away that really sent him over the edge, prompting him to snap a picture.

Not only did the welfare leech pay for all her groceries with food stamps, she then climbed her happy fat ass into a pimped out luxury SUV and drove away.


“She didn’t speak English, used EB card, then climbed into that,” he wrote on Facebook. “I work 7 days a week, owe out the a– and put a steady oil supply into my 1991 ford. I don’t get a EBT card,” Janosko said.

“Why?” he then asked. “It’s sad. We work all our lives n someone crosses the border n starts off better than my 50 year struggle.”

After posting the picture on social media, it immediately began to go viral with many users responding angrily:

“I am SICK & DAMN tired of this crap,” the Trump fan wrote. “If #Trump gets POTUS this WILL STOP. ARE YOU PISSED OVER THIS CRAP?”

Obama must be so proud of his accomplishments as president. The number of Americans receiving foodstamps has skyrocketed by a whopping 10.7 million, placing a huge strain on our already crumbling economy. The astronomical rise was due to Obama waiving the work requirement for leeches of our society to receive benefits, contributing further to the millions of lazy Americans now choosing to sit on their asses while the other half of Americans are left footing the bill.

It’s no wonder so many Americans are fed the hell up with Obama.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]



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