MAJOR Country Follows Trump’s Advice, Tells ALL Muslim Refugees To ‘Get The F*** Out!’


Since Barack Obama has been in office he has made our southern border essentially swiss cheese. The process for vetting those coming into America has been pretty much non-existent, which has allowed illegals and terrorists to flood our country unchecked.

The American people have been calling for tighter security, but that fell on deaf ears within this administration and the democrats.  That is until Donald Trump stepped onto the scene, and heard the American people’s frustration and said enough was enough. Trump pledged that he would tighten our borders and stop the influx of these people from entering unchecked.

Trump’s message not only invigorated the conservative base but has also energized other countries around the world facing similar issues. One of those countries is Italy, and now they are ready to take a tougher stance against these illegals refugees entering their country.

The International Business Times reports:

Italy is to take a tougher stance on illegal migration in 2017, following a 12-month period that saw a record number of migrants enter the country, estimated at 500,000.

The move by Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is his first major policy change and marks a different mindset to his predecessor Matteo Renzi, who adopted a more laid-back approach.

Franco Gabrielli, the chief of police sent a two-page document to stations around Italy, asking them to deport and identify economic migrants who are not entitled to asylum.

People around the globe are tired of these refugees entering into their country and destroying their homes. What Trump has done is say to the world that we do not need to take these people in we are allowed to say no.

Ever since political correctness has become the “norm” everyone is scared to say a thing out of fear of being called a racist. With Trump’s massive balls of steel stepping out and saying enough is enough he has changed the political landscape around the world. Now I hope that other countries follow suit and throw these refugees out and quickly.

H/T [ The Truth Division ]


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Roger King

Obama is no smarter then these savage Muslims. He did the same thing to the US in a different way. If you let more in it will be the same as Europe. It may be your daughter that gets raped and or killed.