John Kerry Stabs America In The Back, Makes Backroom Deal With Muslim Terrorists In Secret Meeting


With just under 2 weeks before Barack Hussein Obama vacates the White House, he is pulling out all the stops to screw over Israel, our only remaining ally in the Middle East. Many Americans were left furious to learn what Obama did over Christmas, after the president backed the United Nations’ disgusting anti-Israel resolution that signed over Israel’s most historic sites to radical Muslim terrorists. While Congress is currently doing everything they can to stop Obama and the United Nations, what Obama’s side-kick idiot John Kerry just did in a secret meeting behind everyone’s backs will make you furious.

Obama has been hell bent over the past 8 years to give away Israel’s sovereignty to the Palestinians, but was never able to make his plans come to fruition. That completely changed over Christmas however, after he carried out one final disgusting act against Israel, backing the United Nations’ resolution to prevent Israel from building houses on their own land, while turning over many holy sites to these Muslim vermin.

Immediately following Obama’s brazen move against Israel, Congress made moves to cut off the United States’ funding to the United Nations, which immediately sent Obama and the rest of his anti-Israel idiots into a seething rage. Now Obama is plotting to take even further action against the Jewish state before leaving office, after shocking evidence was leaked from a secret meeting that John Kerry just had with Palestinian Muslim terrorists.

WND has more:

MEMRI said the Egyptian paper, “which is close to Egyptian intelligence services, published an expose of the minutes of the secret talks, according to the report, by Ahmed Gomaa, the Palestinian delegation included PLO executive committee secretary and negotiating team leader Saeb Erekat; Palestinian general intelligence chief Majid Farah” and others.

“According to the report,” MEMRI said, “the minutes of the ‘top secret’ meeting of [Secretary of State John] Kerry, [National Security Adviser Susan] Rice, Erekat, and Faraj revealed U.S.-Palestinian coordination leading up to the U.N. Security Council vote on Resolution 2334 regarding Israel’s settlements, which was adopted December 23.

“It states that the sides ‘agreed to cooperate in drafting a resolution on the settlements’ and that the U.S. respresentative in the Security Council was ’empowered’ to coordinate with the Palestinian U.N. representative on the resolution,” MEMRI said.

Obama’s officials then emphasized the importance of ramming through further action against Israel before Trump takes over office on January 20, with National Security Adviser Susane Rice pointing out the “danger” of the incoming Trump Administration’s policies.

It’s absolutely sickening how anti-Israel Obama and his team of terrorist-loving idiots truly are. Hopefully Trump can put a stop to this nonsense soon, and reestablish the close ties that we once had with Israel.

H/T [WND, Fury News]




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