Gen. Mattis Exposes SICK Thing Obama Did After Terrorists Killed US Soldiers


The enemy of my enemy is my friend should be the life-slogan that Obama goes by. It has never been a secret that Obama is full of love and support for the very muslim countries that want western civilization eradicated, and he has always paid special attention to our biggest enemy-Iran.

In 2011 after Iranian-supplied rockets wiped-out nearly 15 U.S. troops every month in Iraq, General “Mad Dog” Mattis requested to launch a retaliation strike against Iran. Of course Obama denied the request out-right.

Instead of punishing Iran the way a true American President would have, Obama took it upon himself to REWARD them with more than $10 billion in gold, cash, and other assets starting in 2013.

The Traitor-In-Chief stated that he feared such a strike would infuriate the Iranians, and cause the dissent of the Iraqi Occupation to escalate, and he wanted desperately to end that. Obama feared the plan risked starting a war with Iran and he desperately sought to become allies with Iran instead.

In league with the Ambassador of Iraq at the time, General Mattis proposed his retaliation plan in the hopes of preempting any more American bloodshed and to make it clear to Iran that providing rockets to its Shiite proxy insurgents inside Iraq was no longer going to be tolerated. Mattis suggested a nighttime strike against a power plant or oil refinery within Iranian territory.

“There were clearly White House staff who thought the recommendations he was making were too aggressive,” Leon Panetta, who was secretary of defense at the time, told the Post. “But I thought a lot of that was, frankly, not having the maturity to look at all of the options that a president should look at in order to make the right decisions.”

Iran’s Quds Force, a branch of the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is believed to have supplied many of the weapons used by Iraqi insurgents. Some reports suggest the group’s leader, the infamous Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, was responsible for more than 500 U.S. deaths in Iraq due to his support of the insurgents. It is well known that Iran was the primary backer for the Shiite insurgency during the U.S occupation of Iraq, but what Mattis probably didn’t know at the time of his request to save our military members was that Obama had reason to deny it with extreme prejudice.

The Administration was secretly negotiating with the terrorists on Iran’s fast track nuclear weapons program and any direct strike against them would have clearly ended those talks.

Tragically 54 Military personnel were killed in Iraq in 2011, and yet the bogus nuke deal talks crumbled regardless of any strike. Mattis should have blown the Iranian scum to pieces, and as the President at the time Obama should have backed his play. Too bad we have been under the reign of a traitor for the last 8 years and our country is still paying the price for it!

H/T [ Pamela Geller , Daily Caller ]


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Carolyn Cope
You know I believe that OBLISIS should be held accountable for every life lost for the past 8 yrs that he had any direct or indirect hand in he is a terrorist and that has been seen an proven so tell me why he should be treated any different than any other terrorist he shouldn’t he hates our Country an our people as well as Israel an their people he stabbed Israel in the back an America in the front he is a Snake as evil as they come with the money gold an assets in the trillions he has… Read more »

He is a Shiite Muslim from Indonesia and Iran is a Shiite country with important Shiite shrines.