Fight At US Capitol Turns Vile After People Notice SICK Thing Hanging From Wall


There is a somewhat hidden tug-o-war going on within Congress currently over a controversial and anti-police painting that hangs in the Cannon tunnel of the US Capitol. Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay has re-hung the painting three times after several Republican lawmakers have taken it down, criticizing it as being anti-police and highly offensive.

Rep. Babin posted a photo on Facebook with Rohrabacher and the painting, which he called “irresponsible” and a “disgrace,”  after removing it.

“Today I joined my colleague Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in personally taking down this offensive and disrespectful artwork that is hanging in the tunnel of the U.S Capitol. It is a disgrace to law enforcement officers across the country, particularly the Capitol Police who have to pass by it every day. This kind of stuff is irresponsible, generates hate and endangers the lives of our law enforcement officers. It has no place in the public halls of Congress.”

It has been reported that Clay has rehung the offensive painting once again as of yesterday evening. Clay called the saga of the painting a “manufactured controversy.” He said it was “pathetic” that Republican members who “constantly refer to themselves as constitutional conservatives” would not apply “fundamental free speech rights” to the artist.

It’s not about the First Amendment, it’s about the rules of the Capitol,” Hunter said. “The art competition rules do not allow for this type of painting,” which he described as “offensive.” Ironically, Clay said on Monday he planned to file a police report against Hunter for removing the painting, but changed his mind. This “artwork” and the unfortunate “worldview” of the young artist is sad and proves what many believe to be half of the problem in our country currently.

Maybe Rep. Clay should be more worried about hanging the photo of the black female officer, Msgt. Sgt Debra Clayton, that was recently gunned down by a lunatic murderer who also happened to be black in Orlando on Monday, instead of pushing this race-war propaganda.

What do you think?

H/T [ CNN ]


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