Denzel Takes Cocky Hollywood Elites Down a Notch With Truth Bomb About America’s TRUE Heroes


For years, we have listened to Hollywood liberals lament over how hard they have it. These elite individuals travel the world, play dress up, and live a life of luxury, but complain over their hardships. Those in Hollywood have been stunned ever since Donald Trump won in November shutting down the Clinton machine for good.

These people that live in the lap of luxury have trouble connecting to the average American and what struggles we face. These actors believe themselves to be the bastions of truth and even Meryl Streep complained this past weekend that the and her colleagues were often vilified.  Now in a viral video that has more than five million views another Hollywood actor steps forward and brilliantly destroys those smug elites.

Every day our brave men and women in the military are faced with life and death on a daily basis. They have volunteered to defend our country from those who seek to destroy it and our often treated the worse.

Denzel Washington astutely calls out the Hollywood elite and reminds them how low-stress acting really is compared to military service.

Watch it here:

This is so on point it is not even funny. When Washington said in this video, “People talk about the difficulty of making a movie and I’m like, send your son to Iraq, that’s difficult. It’s just a movie.” He is exactly correct with his assessment.

The issue with those in Hollywood is that they often forget how easy their life really is. They do not know the struggle of trying to make ends meet, feeding and clothing a family, or living paycheck to paycheck. They have lived in the spotlight where everyone adores them and can do no wrong. They have enjoyed the freedom to say and do what they want, but have forgotten the ones that protect those rights. It is good to see someone in Hollywood remind them of these cold hard facts, and I hope more take notice.

H/T [ Truth Feed ]


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