BREAKING: Thugs Kidnap White Trump Supporter, LIVE BROADCAST As They Torture Him


At 2:08 p.m. on Jan 3, 2017 a Facebook live video was uploaded by a 17-year old girl by the name of Brittany Herring. This 27-minute long video shows a group of young black men and women with a white (unidentified) male torturing their kidnapped victim.

Below is a blurred out version of the video:

Through most of the video, you can only see the face of Herring with a few moments of another young woman, Tanisha Covington, as well as a young man by the name of Hassan Davis.


The disturbing part is the few times the victim is shown he is tied up, gagged, tortured and ridiculed. At one point a young male takes a knife and cuts the victim so severely on his head that you are able to see bone while the group laughs. The same young man flicks the ashes of a blunt onto the head.

There are very few media reports of this crime as of yet but Fury news has managed to dig up another video of what happened prior to the live stream. The victim is terrified and begging for his life all the while the criminals are refering to Donald Trump being elected as if this directly relates.

Screenshots of the comments on some of the posts on Herring’s facebook page indicate that all responsible have been arrested and the victim is hurt but alive.

Recent news links from local Fox stations report that the young man is being treated for his injuries.

This type of crime is why this country is so divided. I truly hope this scum has been arrested and that the heaviest convictions hit them square in the chest!!!!!


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