Whiny Liberals Remove Christmas Cross, Then BACKFIRES Hilariously In Their Faces

OMG this is hilarious!!!


It is quite humorous when liberals bully others to get their way, and then are put back in their place. It is also funny when a whole town does it to these “special” idiots, well that is what happened in one small town of Indiana.

For years, residents of Kingstown, Indiana have enjoyed their Christmas celebration and their town’s decorations. Every year the town puts up their Christmas tree and on top of the tree is a cross. However, one liberal moron decided to take issue with the cross on top of the tree and decided to file a lawsuit, and even going as far as to enlist the help of the ACLU.

What is interesting about this is that Joseph Tompkins has been a resident of Knightstown, Indiana his entire life. Tompkins is well aware that the town puts a cross on top of the tree every year, but because he is a liberal he had to make the whole town pay.

Sadly, Tompkins was successful in his efforts to remove the cross from the town’s tree, but he was not prepared for the townsfolk had up their sleeves.

Mad World News reported,

That the entire town of 2,100 residents is fighting back. Leading the way is Knightstown resident Patricia Hutson who decided to “rebel” by making more than 200 wooden crosses and give them out for free so that residents can litter the town with the religious symbol. “I hope they make people realize that we should speak up for what we believe in and stand up for it and not be pushed around,” she explained.

Watch the video here:

Now that is how it is done right!

Essentially, if Tompkins would have just shut his pie hole the cross would be down in just a few weeks. Now since he angered his entire town he gets to look at hundreds of crosses, and every one of them is protected by the First Amendment.

Maybe this will teach this will show Tompkins not to mess with people and our traditions, but if he does I am sure the residents of Kingstown, Indiana will put him in his place again.

What do you think?

H/T [ Fox 59 ]


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9 Comments on "Whiny Liberals Remove Christmas Cross, Then BACKFIRES Hilariously In Their Faces"

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Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan

You don’t get it and don’t want to get it. Neither genuine liberals (such as libertarians) nor even most “progressives” object to private proselytizing on behalf of Christianity. You just don’t get to harness the state for that purpose.

john wroten

What part of Christmas is a Christian holiday don’t you idiots get? If you hate all references to Christ in the Christmas season then then you better quit celebrating our holiday because this day is about celebrating the birth of Christ whether you like it or not.


except if you’re Muslim

william p meredith

The tree itself is a symbol of Christian celebration. The tree is put up to celebrate Christmas =Christs Mass. As the article stated the resident had been life long , he had seen the cross atop the tree for decades. His suit wasn’t anything about principle it was just spite.


Like the Veterans that took the flags to the New Hampshire college. Beat the twerps at their own game. Perhaps now that we have an American president people will find their courage and knock the shit out of the liberals every time they stand up and open their mouth.


I truly believe this is what it takes to bring sanity back to the country. Good going Ms. Houston…keep it up…perhaps he will be more thoughtful of his neighbors and town next time~but don’t hold your breath…contact the ACLJ – A C L J – next time – they are the conservative/Christian law group that is the opposite of that other group!!! Thanks again from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!! GOD BLESS THE USA,.


And let’s bring Merry Christmas ? back with Making America Great Again??? and Suck it up Buttercup losing libs?

John Kerr

Minority hissy fits are so cute……..I love it when these fool tools display themselves publicly for all to see!


thats great! if we stick together we can accomplish anything.