Tomi Lahren Finally Has Enough Of Megyn Kelly’s Liberal-like Bullsh*t and GOES OFF



Liberal wannabe Megyn Kelly has been busy pissing off a lot of viewers lately, beginning during the election when she turned into an anti-Trump mouthpiece. But after Kelly’s latest antics last week when she turned on one of America’s premiere anti-Islam warriors by painting Pamela Geller as a hateful racist, Tomi Lahren had finally had enough of the BS, and decided to call Kelly out. And what she had to say about the FOX News declining star will leave you cheering.

Pamela Geller’s work has been paramount in keeping Sharia Law out of America, as this warrior has devoted her life to shinning the light on Islam and exposing Muslims across the globe who would wish to do America harm. Her invaluable work has made her a staple of the Conservative movement, while at the same time putting her on ISIS target list, as their leaders continue to literally call for her head.

But for some reason that defies all logic, Megyn Kelly felt the need to bash Geller during an NPR interview with Robert Spencer, where she painted Geller as a bigoted racist who hates all Muslims. Kelly’s example of Geller’s “racism” was when Geller held a “Draw Muhammad” contest back in 2015.

Completely missing the point that Geller’s event was a way to stand up for the free speech of everyone around the globe after Muslim terrorists slaughtered the Charlie Hebdo cartoon artists for drawing Muhammad, Kelly went on a leftist-sounding rant slamming Geller, while showing the world that perhaps deep down inside she really is a liberal.

Tomi Lahren decided to invite Geller on her show the other day to set some things straight, while taking direct aim at Megyn Kelly. And true to form, Lahren hit the ball out of the park again. Here’s her interview with Geller, as they discuss just what the hell is going on with Megyn Kelly:

FOX News needs to can Megyn Kelly’s ass and they need to do it now. The last thing we need is a turncoat traitor being the face of Conservative politics. It’s truly disturbing how much Megyn Kelly has changed just in the past year. It’s time for her to move over to CNN with all her liberal buddies, where she will fit in just freaking perfect. Most of America is fed up with her crap.

H/T [Pamela Geller, WND]


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14 Comments on "Tomi Lahren Finally Has Enough Of Megyn Kelly’s Liberal-like Bullsh*t and GOES OFF"

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Dori Myers

This interview is really out there! The hateful lies you tell about Megyn Kelly are just as bad if not worse as what you are saying she says about you! You are NOT the savior of the conservative millennials if you spread lies and hatred about other conservatives. Why don’t you go after the liberal left? There’s plenty there without going after those who may not be as far right leaning as you, but certainly stands up for conservatism. Shame on you both


I have never seen so many dislikes on one person’s posts. Makes sense that you’d fell the OBVIOUSLY wrong way about this topic. Why don’t you go back to your lover, Megyn.

Dori Myers

it is funny Tomi, and maybe just a tad hypocritical that you are chastising Megyn Kelly for talking about Pamela Geller without having her on her show, and then you turn around and do the same thing to Megyn Kelly!!! Dont blast her behind her back and speak hateful about her – have her on your show and find out how she feels about things yourself! I think you need to grow up a little in the ‘business’, you’re immaturity is showing.


Tomi, you are a star!


This woman only has 2 settings. raging temper tantrum or sleeping.


Megyn will say and do ANYTHING to stay “relevant”. Her ratings have tanked, and justifiably so having proven herself a spewer of innuendo, opinion and /or flat out lies, rather than an unbiased, diligent JOURNALIST.


Kelly has been a bitch for a while now.

Dori? You are so far off. Maybe a lefty also. You are right on only one point. Tomi is young and needs to grow up and learn a little. So if I may. Tomi, don’t let your beauty get in the way. Learn how to use it. I know I have heard you try before. Maybe just slow down your talking a little. We cam see they get you all worked up. Just as slow down
Margaret Condon

Meghan Kelly has to go-so obnoxious, liberal in cognitive ! Go to CNN !

T. Owens

Hmm? What ever happened to “Fair and Balanced”? I know it was a myth, but Fox cashed in on that for a long time. This is one of those faux news sites that just want to pick up your info.T Owens


Any one who is anti Trump obviously supports hilarys’ same-sex toilets where perverts loiter full stop.


Wow! Talk about the ultimate Dream Team!!! We the silent majority of Deplorables LOVE the Expendables! President Trump Sir, You have a team of WARRIORS! BRILLIANT!