PAYBACK: Obama Screws Israel, So Netanyahu Promises To Expose Obama’s DIRTY Secret Before Trump’s Inauguration



With just a little under a month before Barrack Obama thankfully vacates the White House, his cockiness is in full swing. Ramming through last minute policies as a way to screw America one final time, Obama thinks he can just get away with whatever the hell he wants. But unfortunately for him, the Prime Minister of Israel is about to expose something so dirty about Obama, you can be sure that once the cat is out of the bag this bit of information will leave a permanent stain on Obama’s entire legacy.

We all know how much Obama despises Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Whenever Bibi did get an invite to the White House, which was rare, he would be forced to dine alone, or endure Obama continually giving him the stink eye as Obama maliciously concocted plans for how to unseat the Prime Minster with one of his own minions.

Obama giving Bibi the stink eye during a rare meeting between the two

After Obama unsuccessfully tried to give away Israel’s sovereignty to his terrorist Palestinian buddies, Obama made one last sick move against Israel over Christmas as one final slap across the face to Christians and Jews everywhere. As we previously reported, Obama decided to back the United Nations’ Security Council Resolution that condemned Israelis from settling parts of Jerusalem and the West bank, effectively turning portions of Israel over to Palestinian and Hamas terrorist-controlled groups.

Although the United States does not have veto power in the United Nations Security Council, abstaining from the vote then allowed the resolution to pass, breaking the longstanding U.S. policy to protect the country of Israel from U.N. condemnation.

Obama’s refusal to vote spoke volumes about where his vile sentiments lie. While this is disturbing in of itself, Netanyahu has evidence that proves that Obama was actually the one behind the entire plan all along, and even the key creator of the resolution.

Netanyahu’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, spoke on his behalf during an interview saying that Israel will give ‘clear evidence’ to President-elect Donald Trump’s administration that the Obama administration was behind the United Nations’ condemnation of Israeli settlements, The Blaze reported.”

Israel’s ambassador to the US Ron Dermer

Dermer spoke with CNN in a recent interview saying that Israel  “will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels. If they want to share it with the American people, they are welcome to do it.”

While the ambassador said that it’s nothing new for the United Nations to gang up against Israel, what shocked him was the United States going along with it, calling the vote a “shameful” chapter in US-Israeli relations.

“What is new is that the United States did not stand up and oppose that gang-up,” he said. “And what is outrageous is that the United States was behind that gang-up.”

Of course Obama was quick to deny the allegations, typical behavior we’ve grown to expect from the Liar-in-Chief.

Hopefully once Donald Trump takes over, he can undo some of the damage between the United States and our only remaining ally in the Middle East. It’s truly shameful what this treasonous sack of crap has done over the past 8 years, as it’s crystal clear that Obama is on the side of terrorists, if not a terrorist himself.

H/T [The Blaze, Fury News]


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Actually the US has veto powers in the UN Security Council. That is why all other past resolutions against Israel put before the council never passed because the US has always voted against them. This is the first time ever that the US has abstained making Obama the deadliest President in US history in the UNSC against Israel.


The salacious-nature of the ads dominating this ‘site’ along with the misleading click-bait headline will ensure I don’t return….


Just as it has become clear that Obama is hardly a Christian, and more of a Moslem enemy, if anything, it is also becoming clear that Obama is a liar, deceiver, traitor and closely allied with the enemy, the Moslem Brotherhood. Obama is a terrorist. The terrorist in chief. Think of the worst thing about him and it is most likely true. At any rate he’s been resoundingly rejected by the USA and the world at large. Oh, except for the Moslem enemy. Those are his gang.

Anke Cheney

The United States DOES have veto power over the Security Council…one of five nations that do!! That is what makes what that morally bankrupt Obama did so truly heinous, and obviously antisemitic!

Irvin Cutler

Obama is a traitor. He usurps the Constitution at every turn yet Washington does nothing! All we have is Paul Ryan planning to take away Senior Citizens Social Security and Medicare. Something they paid in to all their lives. I pray Trump puts obama back in the jack in the box he came out of and protects Americans. Protects and helps seniors as he promised. Helps the disabled. Netanyahu is a great leader yet obama proves his weakness once again by making America look sick again. The real world knows obama is a traitor.


The U.S. “Does” have veto power on the security council. Tha above states that it does not


Umm, what? The US absolutely has veto power in the UN Security Council.