Muslims Get Too Cocky Down In Texas, So These Patriots Plan On Showing Em’ How It’s Done

This Texans aren't having it!


There are a few things in life you should never piss off. One of those is a woman when she is hungry, another is a sleeping baby, and finally you do not mess with Texas. Muslims were never taught the about messing with Texas apparently, but thanks to these Texan patriots they will remember from now on.

For years now, Muslims have been able to come into America and use our very own laws against us. With each passing day, Muslims have been able to walk in and push the American people around. Muslims have shoved their hateful religion in our faces and innocent people have died because of it, and patriots have had enough.

The terrorist group CAIR has planned to host an event on January 31, 2017 which is called Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin. That is where Muslims celebrate their religion and “learn about the political process and civic advocacy.” However, it seems that they forgot what happened to them back in 2015 when they pulled this stunt.

So, I will help refresh their memory. Roll the tape!

In light of this disgusting event, some amazing patriots have decided to protest it again this year and are calling for others to join in.

This country was founded on freedom, but not if that means that others lose theirs. If they want to come to America to have a better life then all they have to do is assimilate to our culture. Having freedom of religion does not mean you get to force others to practice yours or kill them for not doing so. If they want to have their honor killings and goat marriages than go back to the sandbox and leave us the hell alone.

I really hope that tons of people show up at this rally and show these Muslims that they are in America now, and it is time to start acting like it.

What do you think?

H/T/ [ Mad World News ]


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2 Comments on "Muslims Get Too Cocky Down In Texas, So These Patriots Plan On Showing Em’ How It’s Done"

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Why would you protest what they are doing? They are encouraging Muslim Americans how to be active in the political process. What could be More American than that??
Regardless of what you think of Muslims, they Are Americans too. So I suggest you learn to accept it and move on and stop being so bitter and hateful towards everyone. Your life must be sad to constantly have to attack anyone who is not like you. Get a life, people.

Harry Douglas

Lies lies lies. Speading false and untrue articles to uneducated Americans is sickening. You should be shutdown.