Muslim From OSU Blasts Americans With SICK Message Following Attack


The response from American Muslims whenever one of their fellow kinsman goes on a killing spree is always infuriating. On Monday, deranged student Abdul Razak Ali Artan carried out jihad on his fellow students, striking them with his vehicle before hacking 11 students with a knife. But rather than calling for practitioners of their religion to stop killing in the name of Allah, many Muslims immediately begin labeling anyone decrying their psychotic religion as “bigots.”

There’s a reason for distrust amongst Americans when it comes to how we view Muslims. One of the main reasons is that these people professing to be “peaceful Muslims” never do a damn thing to condemn the actions of the “extremist Muslims” out there doing the killing. They’ll always use any tragedy to whine about how how they feel discriminated against, throwing around their two favorite phrases, “you’re a bigot” and “you’re a racist.” So it should come as no surprise that just a few short days after the savage attack at OSU, a Muslims student is coming out with a sickening message for Americans.

In the video below, a special little snowflake dressed in a hijab talks directly to the camera, where she asserts that the real problem isn’t her vile religion, but YOU. If you could just get over your bigoted hate towards people like herself, we wouldn’t have problems with Muslims going on killing sprees. Just be warned: this video will probably make you want to hurl your phone against the wall. It’s that infuriating.

One man’s response to the whiny Muslim twit was priceless:

Stabbing a bunch of people for not believing the same things that you do is the very definition of hatred and intolerance, yet you self-absorbed little shits dare project the guilt for this heinous act upon the rest of us? No. Here’s the deal. The disgusting piece of trash who attempted this slaughter was here in this country as a guest, funded by taxpayers like me who’ve been in the workforce for 20+ years. We literally rescued him and his family, and this is how he repaid us–by whining about oppression and microaggressions as he plotted a murderous act of terrorism against innocent people.

We will not let you make this about your self-centered agenda. This is not your show. Your callow sloganeering “thoughts” on tolerance, diversity, microaggressions and general butthurtedness are unwelcome at this time, precious snowflakes. Never, ever presume to lecture the rest of us again.

It’s amazing how Muslims always manage to make the story about them. God forbid if they ever stand up and condemn the actions of these violent extremists, who they continually assert they’re nothing like. This video is just another shining example of why we lump these idiots into the same category. At the end of the day there isn’t a difference between a “peaceful Muslim” and an “extremist Muslim.” It’s just their tactics vary for attacking us. One resorts to physical violence, while the other attacks our social constructs. But the end game is still the same, which is tearing down and destroying Western civilization.

H/T [Gateway Pundit, Ace Comments]



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4 Comments on "Muslim From OSU Blasts Americans With SICK Message Following Attack"

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I’m not sure if you embed the wrong video but that one doesn’t mention anything that the article says.

yes we have the odd few doing the same in Oz…as a soon to be functioning member of those performing psychiatric evals…i am most perturbed by the labels of psycho madman mental illness labels…surely the the attack is religious and political in nature…as primary drivers of the dissatisfaction and frustration. I believe he stated…what would people think if he prayed in public…Now I will be the first to suggest that Bush’s foray into the M.E. was absolute madness, with no real intel on the ground (bit like trump election. …kaboom) and no game plan forward….sickening really to think this is… Read more »
Orville Nuttbeam

Know this Muslim! Any time one of your faith goes on a rampage they will be shot and killed!: We as Americans will not tolerate your failure to assimilate!: Either obey the laws as set out or be punished accordingly! Your call!

allan scott

there would be immeasurably less hate and violence in the world if islam disappeared forever.