LOL: Washington Post Gets a HUGE Dose Of Karma After Labeling Sites ‘Fake News’

It's about time people start fighting back!


The Washington Post recently published a list of allegedly “fake news” websites that are, they claim, publishing Russian propaganda. One of those websites has now filed suit claiming defamation.

The Washington Post (WaPo) based their own list off of a truly fake news site, ProporNot, which doesn’t have any credentials at all. One of those sites mentioned as a Russian minion is “Naked Capitalism”, who is now threatening to sue.

Naked Capitalism is a left-wing website, but many of the other accused sites on the list are conservative news organizations that have been relentlessly targeted by mainstream media attacks. Politicians – like Hillary Clinton – and their cuckold media are starting to see Russians everywhere they look.

On November 30th, a week after WaPo launched its witch hunt against “Russian propaganda fake news”, the House of Representatives passed the “Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (H.R. 6393)”. The bill, along with other intelligence issues, deals with Russian propaganda and suggests crackdowns on any agents spreading what they deem as such.

The bill has a section on media manipulation and suggests that those who establish and fund any Russian front groups must be hunted down. It could easily become the avenue for the government to shut down the press, labeling them as “fake news” websites.

Naked Capitalism wants a retraction from The Washington Post or they will file a defamation suit.

Their notification to WaPo reads in part:

As the lawyers like to say, res ipsa loquitur. Please tweet and circulate this letter widely. You will notice that our attorney Jim Moody is a seasoned litigator who has won cases before the Supreme Court. He has considerable experience in First Amendment and defamation actions. Past high profile representations include Westomoreland v. CBS and defending Linda Tripp.

I also hope, particularly for those of you who don’t regularly visit Naked Capitalism, that you’ll check out our related pieces that give more color to how the fact the Washington Post was taken for a ride by inept propagandists, particularly our introduction to our spoof site, which uses the PropOrNot project as an example of sorely deficient propaganda and shows where it went wrong, or the humor site itself.

Naked Capitalism is a finance and economics blog started in December 2006, with a stated goal of “shedding light on the dark and seamy corners of finance.”

H/T [Daily Caller]


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