Liberals Want Parents Not To Buy Gender Specific Gifts This Christmas For This ABSURD Reason


The American people have heard some ridiculous claims as the liberal idiots push their asinine agendas. One of those liberal tentacles is the LGBT community and their desire to push for a genderless society. While at first, most people fluffed them off as being absurd and childish, it seems that their message is being heard.

This upcoming Christmas liberals want you to put aside buying your children gender specific gifts and to purchase gifts that are not gender specific. You may be asking yourself why now. Well, according to libtards, kids should be able to decide what they want and not be told.

So, a grassroots movement has started that is called No Gender December. Which chief executive officer Chris Lester of Good Education Group is proudly supporting. Lester agrees that parents should not purchase gender-marketed gifts, and to opt for gifts that do not promote gender.

“Kids should be free to decide which toys interest them, without being informed by gendered marketing that something is ‘for them’ or ‘not for them’,” a statement on the No Gender December web site says.

In a blog post by Lester, he stated that the science, technology, engineering, and math fields were heavily dominated by men, and he sees that correlated with these “gender roles”.

Lester wrote in the blog, “Just as toy stores typically separate ‘girls’ from ‘boys’ toys, workplaces tend to be sharply divided between ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ jobs.”

So, I had to see for myself if this was something that was taking hold in America and around the world. I typed in No Gender Christmas gifts and these advertisments popped up in my Google search.






These liberal idiots seriously do not have a clue at all, do they? Kids will always gravitate to what they like, and parents will always happily oblige. I am a parent of a girl, and when she was younger she gravitated to exactly what she was interested in. One Christmas she wanted dinosaurs and cars, so that is what she received, and it had nothing to do with me.

The point is that kids will always gravitate to what interests them, and it has nothing to do with outside influences. The left wants a genderless society that makes everyone equal, which is one of the points in a socialist society.

Men and women are made different and that is science, not outside influences. Maybe they need to visit a science class and learn this instead of spouting off this ridiculous crap.

What do you think?

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