Liberals Now Celebrating The SICK Thing Blacks Are Doing To Whites On College Campuses

You've got to be kidding me!


The left as we all know is downright hateful and vindictive. Liberals will attack good hardworking people as long as they are white and stand up for what they believe. You don’t have to look hard for examples of these liberal witch hunts at all. However, now these lunatics have gone so far as to laugh and celebrate white racism and hate.

In the liberal online rag ‘Buzzfeed’, which is mostly known for its “investigative” pieces on what sexual position will drive him wild, and their comprehensive cat lists, they have now compiled a slideshow. The slideshow is entitled “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero F–ks” and it is not at all funny, where it shows black people were standing in front of images saying such things as, and touted this slideshow as hilarious and “white people are a plague.”

The images show black people giving presentations in school and it seems that ‘Buzzfeed’ finds it hysterical that someone would say that “white people are a plague to the planet.” and tout it as acceptable.

Let me give you a taste of this “humor”.

The ‘BuzzFeed’ caption reads, “This presentation on historic events”


This caption read, “This slide featuring important ceramic work.”


Can you guess where she was going with this one?


Just imagine how this would have gone down if that said “black people. The left would have had a meltdown of epic proportions. There would not have been big enough safe spaces for them to hide and cry in. Though, since it is against white people it is fair retribution for crimes not one of us have committed.

This is exactly what the Obama administration has done to this country, and I called it years it ago. While people were saying that by the American people electing a “black” president would race relations I said it would make it worse. I really can’t stand always being right sometimes, but here it is again.

Will these attacks end anytime soon? I hope so because this is out of control now.

H/T [ Daily Wire ]


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