EPIC: Diamond and Silk GO OFF On Michelle Obama For the Nasty Thing She Said About Americans [VID]



Barrack and Michelle Obama never grow weary of bashing America with their rhetoric. Last week, Michelle Obama was interviewed by CBS, where she went on a Trump-bashing tirade about how “hopeless” America feels right now. After her ridiculous comments, two of Trump’s most outspoken supporters are breaking their silence, blasting the First Lady in a must-see rant. Being that these women are black too only makes it more epic, since the left has no way to fire back by labeling these critics as “racists.”

Diamond and Silk are two hilarious black ladies that always have a big opinion about pretty much everything political. They rose to fame during the election, as they were constantly in the Donald Trump’s cheering section, shining the light on the idiocy of why Democrats and blacks would support Hillary Clinton over Trump. Now in the wake of another ridiculous comment by Michelle Obama, they decided to sit down and do a little rant, pretty much ripping American-hating Mooch limb from limb which you know has her absolutely livid.


Diamond: “Hey y’all. OK, so we just got through watching this show with Oprah Winfrey interviewing Michelle Obama. And she said some things that didn’t sit right with me. That sort of got my skin crawling. Silk, tell this girl what she said.

Silk: She said, now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.

Diamond: You know what, Michelle? You’re right. Because under your husband for the past eight years, we now feel and we now know what having no hope feels like. You’re right. Cause we was hoping that he would go and change the justice system where it’s equal and fair for all. We was hoping he would take care of our veterans but he didn’t give a damn about that.

It’s always so refreshing to see to black Republicans out there. Hopefully these two ladies will continue to enlighten black Americans out there, who continue to be victimized by the deception of the Democratic Party, who only use them to gain political power.

I say we nominate these two for Trump’s PR team. How cool would that be?

H/T [Gateway Pundit]



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