COMING SOON: Facebook’s New Pop-up Button Will CENSOR Conservative Sites That You Follow

The attack on free speech has ramped up to a whole new level!


The attack on free speech has ramped up to a whole new level. Conservatives have been under fire for the last 8 years ever since Barack Hussein Obama became president. Obama has created an atmosphere of hate that allows the left to continually attack anyone with a dissenting opinion. With this past election and the stakes higher than ever, conservatives were more than determined to make sure we did not lose this time around.

Thankfully, Donald Trump did win, but the victory was short-lived for Trump supporters. The left which was left reeling from such a tremendous loss, could not fathom how “Queen” Clinton could lose. The left has blamed everything from the Russians to Fox News, but the biggest one was “Fake News.”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg then became the target as the left continued to look for a scapegoat. Facebook received harsh criticism for its supposed role in spreading political misinformation during the US presidential election. So, in order to appease the left, Zuckerberg has made the controversial decision to put “warning labels” on “fake news”.

Oh, you read that right, and that is not all there is.

Facebook will empower Snopes, the ultra biased “fact checking” site to do its well, fact checking. Kim Lacapria, Snopes’ main political “fact checker,” describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She has previously equated Tea Party conservatives with jihadists.

Lacapria will always defend her liberal buddies no matter what the crime is. A perfect example of this is when the Orlando nightclub was attacked earlier this year. This woman that argued that Omar Mateen was not a democrat, even after public records showed that he indeed was one.

However, Snopes is not the only ones they will use to determine what is real and what is fake.

This is what Business Insider had to say:

“To combat fake news, Facebook has partnered with a shortlist of media organizations, including Snopes and ABC News, that are part of an international fact-checking network lead by Poynter, a nonprofit school for journalism located in St. Petersburg, Florida,”

So what this means is that as Facebook users and conservatives our time has come to a close, and this is how. The network they are devising will now flag stories and the URL of websites that they deem to be fake and then push them to the bottom of the newsfeed. Which means anyone with a dissenting opinion or site that desires to seek the truth will be pushed out.

What is also troubling about this is that this is stomping on freedom of speech. No one is saying that there is not “fake news” out there, and those who wish to scam people, but this is not what they are doing.

The left had to concoct a way to stifle our conservative voices, and it looks like they found it. By silencing those that oppose the liberal agenda will no longer be able to be heard on sites like Facebook.

I don’t know about you, but it looks like we all need to get the hell off of here. What do you think?

H/T [ Fox 59 ]



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9 Comments on "COMING SOON: Facebook’s New Pop-up Button Will CENSOR Conservative Sites That You Follow"

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judi young
Had I not been “censored” already on FB I would engage in a conversation but I have had comments not posted, some removed, and I don’t feel SAFE being on your Slay Liberalism list since I am very much a Liberal thinking 70 yr. old woman who mainly uses FB to see pictures of my grandkids and their kids and unless something is very close to my heart like Standing Rock, the interminable election process and the orangeman and all he spews forth with his EVIL tongue – I have been cool – but when I start speaking out against… Read more »
shirley bridges

i feel the same way im getting off too after the electors vote im watching my children and grand children too but im thru im tired of these liberials and their crap facebook needs to clean up their lines from hackers bad language and pictures that are un appropiate and things like a man holding his penis trying to show you how to stop ed who wants to see this i dont their is woman being shown in bad sceens clean it up


I am 65 and after reading you comment above… smh… you make zero sense and you speak nonsense. More than likely your posts were late. Did you even go to your profile to see if they posted or did you just watch the news feed? I have never seen a liberal post censored no matter how many lies I spotted in the post. No one on a conservative site cares if you are ‘turned off’. You are a prime example of a delusional liberal.

Treuer Wolf

I am a third party and I dispute your claim ! Oh look, your posting is still available, imagine that !


Sure don’t like the sounds of this. I read that George Soros is part of the censoring team! Sounds like FB is going to become extremely biased and anti-conservatives, anti-Trump. Don’t like this at all. Will need to rethink use/non-use of FB


We will not be silenced and someone will come along and know FB off by offering us a fair and unbiased platform. Zuckerberg is not King either.


I think your right.


Facebook and Snopes can shove their censorship of “fake news”! They and the MSM are “fake news”!!!

David Chapman

Censor me on Facebook and I’ll personally crucify you in global mainstream media.

You can bet your grotty, little, liberal, balls on it…