CHILLING: Radical Terror Group Admits Plans To Take Over America In Unexpected Way [VIDEO]

Most people haven't even considered this!


Conservatives have been persecuted for the last few years because they have always stated the fact that radical Muslim terrorist groups will use our laws and policies against us. Finally the mainstream news has caught on to the fact that it is actually true.

We do not say this stuff for the fun of it I guarantee it. The Right wishes it wasn’t true just as much as everyone else, but this is our future.

Jailed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed says Al Qaeda wanted to use America’s lax immigration laws to infiltrate our legal and welfare systems.

I often refer to this action as Judicial Jihad due to the way the use not only our laws but our Constitution against us. It is time we come together as a country and say no more. Liberals will suffer at the hands of these “attacks” just as the rest of us will. The influx of refugees in the past 2 years and the rest that have plans to come will destroy our economy and bring our society to its knees thereby making it that much easier to throw America into the state of a third world country.

All that’s left for them after that is to fire the shot that starts a war. Enough is enough.

Thankfully many of our states governments are doing what they can to stop it.

We can and should stop this in the most non-violent way possible before it’s too late.


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