BLM Thugs FURIOUS After Small Town Locals Leave Special ‘Gift’ In Middle Of Road

They are fighting back!


Over the past year, racial tensions have continued to increase in our country, as Black Lives Matter thugs continue to take out their misguided rage onto police officers. As most communities are left reeling, one small town in New York has decided to fight back, with an epic slap in the face to cop-hating thugs everywhere that has them seething.

Back in October, the village of Warwick, New York decided to honor their police while showing solidarity for slain officers by painting a thin blue line between the two solid yellow lines down one street of their town. But the show of support didn’t last long, as local government officials received numerous complaints, and fearing retaliation from local anti-police riffraff, decided to remove the line as a way to keep the peace.

“There were also community members who indicated that the blue line ignored the concerns of the Black Lives Matter organization, presumably considering the show of support to police is offensive to its members,” Blue Lives Matter reported. “Of course the show of public support for law enforcement would be offensive for a political organization whose mission is to attack the men and women who provide law and order.”

But the spirit of the small town of Warwick wasn’t about to be defeated by cop-hating thugs quite yet. Community members decided to fight back, and with the consistent outcry from members of the local “Thin Blue Line Group,” city leaders regained their senses, announcing something special just in time for Christmas.

On Tuesday Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard announced that the thin blue line will now be reinstated as a result of immense pressure from local advocates and police. But the town wasn’t quite done sending a brutal message to cop-hating thugs in their town, as they are now erecting a special plaque that explains the significance of the “thin blue line” for everyone in the town to see: a symbol not just to support police, but the fragile line that exists between chaos and order.

It’s so refreshing to see people not caving to political pressure, and taking a stand for what is right. No matter what these race-baiting idiots throw at us, or how much agitators like Obama try to divide us, the spirit of the American people will always prevail.

H/T [Blue Lives Matter, Times Herald]


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It would be nice if the writer would finish the reporting before hitting the send button.