WTF: Lindsey Graham THREATENS Trump If He Tries To Undo Obama’s Policies

It's time to drain the swamp. And the first person that needs to be flushed down the drain is Lindsey Graham.


Back in the day, the way we dealt with traitors is we lined them up and shot them. Fast forward to 2016, and these idiots not only go unpunished for their antics, but they serve life terms within the Congress and Senate. While we unfortunately cannot revert to the good old days, the next best thing is calling them out publicly, as a way to hopefully ruin their political careers. And for Senator Lindsey Graham, his day to be called out is today.

Like it or not, Donald and Hillary were our two choices for president following the primaries. And yet, for some insane reason, many Republicans were actively trying to sabotage Trump’s chance of beating Hillary, while bragging about their stance on being part of the #NeverTrump band of morons.

One of those idiots who tirelessly worked to wreck Trump’s campaign was Senator Lindsey Graham, the blabbering idiot from South Carolina. Following Trump’s win, rather than going along with the flow, Graham is still flapping his gums and making threats. But this time, the Obama-worshiping crusty old bastard has taken his vitriol a little too far. Now he’s issuing a direct threat to Trump about his plans as president, should Trump make good on his promise and ship illegals back to their homeland where they rightfully belong.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, he issued a warning to President-elect Donald Trump about the “consequence” of what would happen if Trump dares to defy Obama’s immigration program, and undo the Dream Act that allows illegals to stay in America.

“Here is a problem that we have: You’ve got about a million DREAM Act kids who came here as small children, lived here all their lives. Now they have legal status by executive order,” Graham told reporters Tuesday.

“I will not vote for a bill that doesn’t, that quite frankly, treats a grandmother and drug dealer the same,” he said. “I will vote for border security.”

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers,” [President-elect Donald] Trump told CBS. “After the border is secured and after everything gets normalized, we’re going to make a determination on the people that you’re talking about who are terrific people.”

Has Lindsey Graham forgotten which side he’s on? It’s truly unreal that an elected official would not only continue to kiss Obama’s ass after everything this piece of crap has done to ruin our country, but then has the freaking audacity to talk to our soon-to-be president in such a disgusting manner.

It’s time that we take a stand against these #NeverTrump buffoons, and recall them immediately. If they want to continue to sabotage Trump, and our best chance of making America great again, then they need to stop pretending to be Republicans, and go join ranks with the idiots on the left. It’s time to drain the swamp. And the first person that needs to be flushed down the drain is Lindsey Graham.

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Poor ol’ Lindsey…..
He gets “addled” very easily.
Give him a day, or two…. he’ll be “Back in the closet”….
color coordinating his socks & ties—Happy as a little pig in poo!!


Lindsay Graham has no power to block anything . He is another narcissistic, out of office Liberal who pretended to be a Republican who is doing nothing but blowing hot air.