WikiLeaks Exposes SICK Thing Chelsea Did With $3 Million In Clinton Foundation Charity Money

It is time for them to pay their dues to America for their crimes and for the money that they have stolen through their foundation.


Chelsea Clinton, daughter to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, allegedly used Clinton Foundation money and other charity resources to fund her wedding to Marc Mezvinsky. The discovery was made through a new batch of WikiLeaks emails from top Bill Clinton aide, Doug Band.

On January 4, 2012, Band wrote in an email that Chelsea used Foundation resources “for her wedding and life for a decade.” He also alleged that a top foundation donor was responsible for “killing” unfavorable press coverage, according to Fox News.

Band concludes the email with a veiled threat hinting to the consequences “once we go down this road.”

The investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents….

I hope that you will speak to her and end this
Once we go down this road….


Band previously penned his concerns about Chelsea talking too much about foundation business in another email where he accused Chelsea of talking about her “internal investigation” into the Clinton Foundation with “one of the Bush 43 kids”

I just received a call from a close friend of wjcs who said that cvc told one of the bush 43 kids that she is conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation from cgi to the foundation.

The bush kid then told someone else who then told an operative within the republican party

I have heard more and more chatter of cvc and bari talking about lots of what is going on internally to people

Not smart

According to the Daily Mail, Clinton’s wedding was “estimated to have cost about $3 million dollars, but it is unclear how much money or resources went from the Clinton Foundation to the wedding and what it went toward, if in fact, funds were used.”

The Clinton family acts as if they are the masters of America. They all refuse to follow our laws and they use our taxes for their own extravagances and life moments. They do not spare any luxury while they do it as if they were the kings and queens of this great nation. It is time for their “lifestyles of the rich and famous” life to come to an end. It is time for them to pay their dues to America for their crimes and for the money that they have stolen through their foundation.

H/T [Zerohedge]


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