Van Jones Makes SICK Statement About White Americans After Trump’s Win


The last eight years have been terrible, and I am sure we can all vouch for that. While we as a people know that it had nothing to do with race or any other liberal talking point, that did not stop them from demonizing the republican party.

Last night the people spoke and we pushed back against the liberal machine and we elected Donald Trump to the presidency. Today the liberal pansies are in shock and I believe they honestly do not get how Hillary Clinton could lose. So, instead of facing reality they decide to make excuses, and what they are claiming is infuriating.

CNN’s Van Jones was obviously flustered last night as the votes rolled in, he began to push his dangerous rhetoric. In a speech he delivered live on the air, Jones states that this was a “whitelash” against a black president in a changing country.

You can watch his entire rant here:


Of course, this caused Twitter to go into frenzied state, where the liberal crybabies praised Jones for his powerful and impassioned speech. Here are just a sampling of their delusional state of mind.




To capitalize on his racist rhetoric, Van Jones added a hashtag which of course caused these powder puffs to fawn over him even more.



This completely leaves me shaking my head in amazement. The left cannot possibly fathom that the real reason no one likes Barack Obama has nothing to do with his race. The only group of people that are focused on Obama’s skin color is the left. So, instead of growing up and facing this obvious truth, they make up these talking points, and the weak minded gobble it up like McDonald’s fries.

Now it is time to clean up this mess that Obama made, and I can guarantee that has nothing to do with race.

What do you think?

H/T [ Complex ]


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Steve Melton

Little late for the race card. The last grasp of desperation.