Obama Throws Public Tantrum On World Stage, Blames Hillary’s Loss On 1 Ridiculous Thing


Following Trump’s unexpected win a little over a week ago, it’s not just Hillary and her army of millennial crybabies throwing massive tantrums. The king of all crybabies, Barrack Hussein Obama, is now showing signs of needing a safe space. Realizing that his legacy could shortly be erased once Trump moves into the White House, he’s now coming up with an incredibly lame reason as to why Hillary lost as a way to divert attention away from Democrats and their asinine policies.

There’s many things that these liberal jack-wagons are blaming Hillary’s loss on, and so far, all their reasons have been equally as stupid. Now that blaming everything on racism is losing its effectiveness, Obama and liberals are now blaming Hillary’s loss on the one thing that they were unable to control, throughout the election, which was the rampant public opinion on social media, which in the end, was enough to sway the election.

Speaking to a group of German reporters at a recent press conference on Thursday, Obama blamed the election loss on social media, comprised of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Obama’s reasoning is actually hilarious if you think about it. Throughout the election, Hillary had 90% of the media in her back pocket, pushing propaganda to cast her in a positive light, while running continual hack pieces on Donald Trump. The usual clowns were all complicit in pro-Hillary propaganda, including networks like MSNBC, CNN, NBC, and CBS, just to name a few. And yet, people running their mouths on social and having an opinion that didn’t fall in line with the left is what brought crooked Hillary down?

At the end of the day, we should take Obama’s words as a huge compliment. If Obama’s assertion is correct, that means that we are able to harness quite an incredible amount of power when we band together and get loud across platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Enough to even sway a presidential election! Wow!

H/T [Gateway Pundit]



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