LMAO: MSNBC Mercilessly Mocks Hillary In Hilarious Segment That Has Liberals Everywhere Seething

This is freaking epic!!!


Throughout the election, we endured Hillary Clinton endlessly lecturing Donald Trump and his supporters on “accepting the outcome of the election” for the “sake of democracy.” But now that she’s on the losing end of the deal, Hillary has made a complete 180 on her stance, now actively seeking to overturn Trump’s nomination by joining recount efforts in key battleground states. But hilariously, even some liberals are beginning to raise the flag of BS on Hillary, calling her out on her startling double standard of hypocrisy.

Now that the election has ended, we’ve begun to see Hillary’s true colors. In addition to being one of the most vile humans and corrupt politicians on the face of the planet, she’s an incredibly sore loser as well. Rather than gracefully bow out and accept defeat for the “sake of democracy” as she so eloquently put it during the election, she’s now joined Jill Stein’s efforts for a recount in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin as a way to nullify the electoral votes, and undermine Trump’s presidential nomination.

But shockingly, there are liberals out there with at least 2 fully functioning brain cells. Some are beginning to call out the disgraced candidate over her hypocrisy, which is more than likely making Hillary’s army of worshiping followers furious. During a segment on MSNBC that aired on Monday, host Joe Scarborough couldn’t even hold back his hilarious reaction, as the network played a clip of Hillary blasting Trump over his previous comment about not accepting the outcome of the election. Just watch his reaction and you’ll see why it’s so freaking funny:

It’s pretty epic when even liberals are turning on Hillary, calling her out for her brazen double standard of hypocrisy. I wonder how long Hillary’s hardcore followers will continue to tune into MSNBC if this network continues to blast her so mercilessly? It’s so entertaining when liberals eat their own, isn’t it?

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It seems as though Hillary can do what ever she wants to, whether it is legal or not. BUT! If Donald Trump says something or does something then he is criticized and ridiculed. It’s totally amazing how this two faced, back stabbing, murdering, terroristic supplying criminal has the gall to do everything that she is doing…. SMH!