Hillary Taunts Americans With Sickening ‘Side Item’ She Brings Along At Final Rally

Our government has been hijacked and completely infiltrated by criminals!


Celebration at the news  the FBI was reopening their investigation was extremely short lived for many Americans. Over the weekend, FBI Director Comey slapped Americans across the face yet again, announcing that no charges would be brought against Hillary Clinton. But the “side item” that Hillary had at her final rally proved once and for all and how crooked our government is, and who’s truly calling the shots within our government.

The 650,000 emails on Weiner’s personal laptop were supposed to be our final vindication, and what would finally bring this corrupt woman to her knees.  We all know the FBI would not nonchalantly just reopen their investigation into a presidential candidate, unless what they found on Weiner’s laptop was incredibly damning evidence.

We reported about the internal coup going on within the FBI over these emails, and how officials under Comey were threatening to go public with the information, essentially the driving force that made Comey cave and reopen the investigation.

weinerIn addition to FBI officials’ claims about the new investigation, sources within the NYPD as well as a former State Department Official came forward with disturbing allegations about the contents of these newly discovered emails. Hillary was not only directly tied to a pedophile ring in Washington D.C., but had also used the Clinton Foundation as a front to hide the illegal activity.

All this information was on the verge of being released. And Huma and Anthony Weiner were right at the very center of it all, having kept classified information on their shared laptop, which in of itself is a federal offense that should’ve sent them to prison.

However, just two days before the presidential election, we got hit with yet another bomb, proving once again that Hillary runs our government. Not only were we floored that the FBI was again dropping their investigation, but they decided to insult our intelligence while they were at it.  Hillary’s minions then insanely expected Americans to buy their BS, believing that in just over a week, the FBI was able to sort through 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop, and within that short time adequately determine that Hillary was completely innocent of any wrong doing. And their conclusion was conveniently made just two freaking days before the presidential election.

But Hillary wasn’t quite done flipping off Americans and showing the world how she runs our government. Not only has she walked away completely scot-free from yet another career-ending scandal, but now her aide Huma Abedin appears to be going unpunished too, even after it was proven she kept classified information on a laptop she shared with her pedophile husband, Anthony Weiner.

Rather than being led away in handcuffs and locked away where she belongs, Huma re-emerged from hiding on Monday night at Hillary’s side, beaming with smiles during Hillary’s final rally the day before the presidential election.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-8-32-55-amOur government has been hijacked and completely infiltrated by criminals. The checks and balances that were supposed to be in place to prevent tyrants from overtaking our government has completely been dissolved. There’s no doubt that Hillary runs out government. Those who cannot be bought off or bribed with money she simply kills.

H/T [NY Post]



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