Chelsea Hints At Hillary’s Bleak Future With Strange Message That Slipped Out

Seriously..what the hell? Does Chelsea know something we don't know?


Throughout the election, rumors flew about Hillary Clinton’s health. The media worked relentlessly to downplay the ongoing speculation, while Hillary continued to have seizures, and would have lapses in her memory. While many of us could really give a flying flip about Hillary now that the election is over, Chelsea Clinton’s bizarre tweet on Thursday lends credence to the rumors that flew during the election.

One of the suspected illnesses that Hillary was rumored to have was dementia, which would make perfect sense given that the characteristics that both Hillary and dementia victims share, including memory loss that’s brought on by a brain injury.

Other signs of dementia include madness, derangement and lunacy, which Hillary exhibited following her loss to Trump, where insiders relayed that on election night, a “psychotic Hillary” began throwing objects at her aides, and then physically attacked her campaign workers so viciously, that she had to be restrained and sedated by her personal doctor.

While it’s possible that Hillary is just an incredibly mean spirited old hag and not in fact suffering from a mental illness, a curious tweet made by her daughter on Thursday has many people raising their eyebrows. Chelsea Clinton moved away from her usual political talk on Twitter with a sudden interest in finding a cure for dementia, citing a research study that was recently conducted by BBC that integrates video games as part of the treatment for dementia sufferers.

People immediately picked up on the odd tweet and began asking Chelsea if her mother has picked up any new hobbies since the election.

Seriously..what the hell? Does Chelsea know something we don’t know?


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