BREAKING: WikiLeaks Reveals SICK Thing Hillary Did While Our Men In Benghazi Died

If this does not turn your stomach than I do not know what will...


Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of evil as we all know. The fact that people continue to support her truly baffles me, even after Killary has been proven to be corrupt. Even after all, the damaging WikiLeaks that have been discovered, the media and her supporters continue to make excuses for her depravity. It has been revealed through each despicable email that Hillary and her mafia has been behind every devious act she has been accused of. Now a new dump of WikiLeaks has been released and this one shows that she did indeed ignore requests for assistance in Benghazi.

In this email thread, it shows a clear picture of the U.S. consulate asking for increased security and assistance in the months leading up to September 11, 2012.





If this does not turn your stomach than I do not know what will. This information completely turns the liberal left’s narrative that a YouTube video was to blame for that tragic night. But, true to form the media is silent on this one too, and we know exactly why.

If the media were to report the actual truth of what truly happened that night, they would have to admit that Obama and Hillary were failures to this country. Instead of them thinking of what is best for the country they are only concerned with their meal ticket. The media will continue to cover these treasonous acts, and the American people suffer.

This information cannot be covered up anymore, and we need to spread this revelation everywhere. Hillary is not at all fit to serve as president and just this piece of information should have her arrested and thrown behind bars forever.

I cannot stress enough how important this election is. America has already suffered eight years under the Obama administration, and if Hillary Clinton were to be elected I am afraid we may never be able to recover from that.

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