BREAKING: SWAT Team Dispatched To Polling Place After What Authorities Witness Colorado Man Doing


I know tensions today are incredibly high across the nation. Not only is the country on pins and needles awaiting the election results today, but also over the past week, there were claims of potential terrorist attacks. So it is completely understandable that good hearted Americans would want to look out for their neighbors today.

Tom Jefferson, from Denver, Colorado decided that he would drive to his local polling location to watch for suspicious activity. Jefferson arrived early in the morning and parked his vehicle in the back of the parking lot so he could get a clear visual of the entire area. Never in a million years would he think that while he was there watching for suspicious activity, that he would become the suspect.

Jefferson was at the polling location for around 3-4 hours without any issues until two cop cars drove up and began to question him. Jefferson remained polite and calm while he was being questioned, but according to this video was still placed in handcuffs.

After watching this video, it brings to mind multiple questions. There were other people out there that were protesting, but someone who is cooperating and cordial is still questioned? While I respect our law enforcement officials and what they do daily, this man committed no crime. The police in my opinion, should be grateful that there are citizens out there that are willing to help keep their fellow Americans safe. This could be compared to the civilians that stood guard outside of military recruiting offices earlier this year.

It is rather frightening to think that anyone of us could be questioned or detained just because we look “suspicious”. How does one look suspicious, and who is the judge of that?

It seems to me that since we live in a world that is overly vigilant due to the constant terrorist threats in this country, that we have now traded in our freedom for security. Sadly, that security now has a tight grasp over the American people.

What do you think?

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