BREAKING: MASSIVE New Voter Fraud Plot Exposed In Florida


The state of Florida is pivotal this election, and every vote counts. A few days ago we at Fury News reported on allegations of voter fraud happening in Broward County. Well, it seems that those allegations were not lies after all.

It seems that Florida voters have made complaints that their absentee ballots were not received. At first, many could pass it off as it being lost in the mail, but what was found was much more devious.

In an affidavit filed on November 3, a woman by the name Chelsey Smith, a former Secretary of Elections Department employee, says that Democrat insiders are filling out those ballots. Smith states in her sworn affidavit, that there is a secret room where Democrat insiders fill out those ballots.

Smith states in her affidavit that she was asked to bring in ballots to a room full of employees. In the room, she was able to see employees sitting at a long table, where they were filling out the blank ballots. Smith states that at first she was frightened to come forward with this information, but after speaking to her mother she came forward with this information. Now with this new information, law officials are able to proceed forward with the investigation.

This is just what we have been concerned about all along, and it seems that we were right. The left is notorious for committing crimes, including voter fraud. They know that they cannot win in a fair fight so they have to cheat.

It is obvious that Trump has them running scared, which means that they are pulling out all the stops. With this active voter fraud being discovered, will this change the results of the election, or will this be swept under the rug like every other crime they commit?

H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]


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Bunch of crap. Trump fan, has been caught red handed and arrested in Iowa for voting twice. So unless you are sin free, shut up