BREAKING: Banker Calls On ISIS To Rape and Behead Melania Trump

After getting lit up on social media, King set his Twitter account to private before tweeting that he "was hacked."


This past week has brought out some of the worst behavior from the left. Now do not get wrong, they have been downright detestable for the last eight years, but it seems to me that they have reached an all time low lately. Since Donald Trump was elected last week, the left has doubled their violence and vitriol to a frenzied state. Though I am sure no one expected that they would go as far as to make violent threats against Donald Trump or his family.

We all knew that Trump would frighten the left to its very core. A Donald Trump presidency would signal the end of the corruption that we have seen happening in Washington, and sadly, this corruption was at the expense of the American people. Now with that the party is soon to be over left lashing out violently, and have made death threats to the supporters of Trump, Donald Trump himself, and now his lovely Melania.

Don King, a senior banker with BNP Paribas, posted a threat for ISIS to rape and behead Melania Trump.


Now could you imagine the backlash if this was a conservative that said this about Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama? I mean let’s be honest here, they have accused of Trump of being racist and bigoted off of lies and pure conjecture. There has not been in any Trump campaign speech where he has ever called for the death, or harm to anyone on the left, but of course, those pesky facts do not matter to the mentally challenged liberals.

Instead of using their big people words to form complete sentences, they resort to these bullying tactics and then point fingers that conservatives are to blame. I could only hope that these hateful people will have to answer one day to these threats they are throwing around. It is almost like we are dealing with toddlers, but at least toddlers grow up.

After getting lit up on social media, King set his Twitter account to private before tweeting that he “was hacked.” Perhaps we should call this company and let them know. The number for BNP Paribas Group is 212-841-3000

H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]


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4 Comments on "BREAKING: Banker Calls On ISIS To Rape and Behead Melania Trump"

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Sally Jean Becker

For ANYONE wanting to report incidents like this to the FBI – go to their website and look for the field office closest to you. The FBI main site is not set up to receive emails but they said the field offices usually are. Other wise you could write or call them but that takes time.


I think the fbi must be running full time with all these threarts

Pat Ayers
This guy n any one else who thinks like that are pure scum n should be removed from this part of the earth. Send him n any 1 else who thinks like him over there to live with ISIS, N TRUST ME shortly after their arrival over there guess who will be raped n beheaded……….. you got it, the very same people we sent over there to live with the enemy. ISIS dont care who u r, just to harm someone like that turns them on. U f a verh sick person to wish that on an jnnocent women who… Read more »
Chris O Bacon

He’s a bag of filthy monkey pus!