Al-Qaeda Pulls Crybaby Liberal Tactics Over Bannon’s Seat In New Trump Administration


My oh my, have the times changed. I’m astonished over the audacity of some of the middle east terrorist groups and their pompus assumptions. For them to believe they have any real right to voice their opinions about our elected administrations and appointed subordinates is insanity.

That’s the newest tactic apparently of Al-Qaeda and the others of their kind as articles hit the lime-wire from the dredges of the terroristic publications such as Al Masra. They are currently slamming President Elect Trump on his choices of cabinet members such as Stephen Bannon and others.

What is the ammo they are  using for such an idiotic media campaign?

The false and quite ridiculous rumors that Bannon is a “white supremacist” because he has supposedly published “racist” articles against women, Jews, and muslims in his position as executive chairman for Breitbart.

Really? Coming from a group that would see women AND Jews Slaughtered for their own sick agendas this is comical.

Here is a lesson into the english language and you ignorant terrorists, the word racist can NOT be used in the context of gender nor religious following. None of the above stated targets of Bannon’s antics can be called a race in and of itself.

Furthermore when ignorant rhetoric and diatribe is coming from the very men who have bombed this country already and plan to do so as many times as they can, we tend to not really give two shakes as to what your opinion is.

In an ironic twist, it is now clear that Liberals seem to hold the very same values and beliefs of terrorists. How is that for a truth bomb?

Keep your ill-gained opinions to yourself Al-Qaeda, no one cares except the libs and you can have them.

H/T [ Breitbart ]


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