World Diplomats Snubbed After Hillary Tosses Them Out Of Car For Huma

Lovers? I would think so.


Hillary Clinton is all smiles in front of the cameras, but inside sources say that she insulted diplomats several times. She ignored them and preferred to give her attention to her closest assistant, Huma Abedin.

Clinton’s relationship with her long-time aide, Huma Abedin, is garnering more scrutiny as details about their closeness are leaked to the public. Over the two last decades, the two have been nearly inseparable. There have been many rumors implying a lesbian love affair between the two and now it seems that there may just be some truth to the idea.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton traveled around the world. Previous secretaries would travel with the diplomats while in their country, but Clinton broke protocol and refused, opting for a car with Abedin instead.

Heat Street reports:

Hillary Clinton “blatantly” disregarded security and diplomatic protocols as Secretary of State and frequently insulted U.S. ambassadors by refusing to ride with them to diplomatic events abroad, a former U.S. diplomatic security officer told FBI agents investigating Clinton’s private email server.

According to FBI interview notes released Monday, the former security officer described the “stark difference” between Hillary Clinton’s conduct as secretary of state and the conduct of her predecessor Condoleezza Rice, who closely adhered to the appropriate protocols. Hillary’s “abundant” protocol breaches, on the other hand, were widely known in the diplomatic security community.

One area of particular concern was Hillary’s refusal to follow “standard security and diplomatic” protocol by riding with local U.S. ambassadors in an armored limousine to diplomatic events abroad. It was standard procedure for the secretary of state and the ambassador to arrive together at these events, but Hillary refused, and insisted on riding with her top aide Huma Abedin.

According to the FBI notes, “This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol.”

So, who is Huma Abedin?

Abedin is the woman behind the woman. She is often described as being “like a daughter” to the Clintons and is nearly always at Clinton’s side. She has an omnipresent role in Hillary’s staff that began two decades ago when she interned in the then-first lady’s office.

According to John Podesta, chair of Clinton’s campaign, “There are people who are terrific at running scheduling operations or at being the rolling chief of staff or at keeping the political connections going. What’s interesting about Huma is that she does all of that.”

We can see in the recent email leaks that Abedin served as a referee to the various people seeking access to Hillary, including foundation donors. While this alone doesn’t warrant scrutiny, her close ties to Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State demand a closer look at who she really is.

The short video below outlines Abedin’s connections through her immediate family to the terrorists that are directly responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001.

Hillary Clinton was mishandling top secret information through an insecure email server, but what is worse is that she was giving Abedin first-hand access to all of this confidential information and so much more. As Clinton will probably soon face charges, Congress should also be looking into this close assistant to determine the extent of treason committed by the former first lady.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]


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