Wikileaks Just Revealed Latest Sick Thing Hillary Did For Terrorists In Exchange For Money


As the hackers of Wikileaks keep issuing death blows at Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign, it seems as though these batches of emails just keep getting more and more scandalous. While many of the scandals Hillary’s camp has simply ignored or attempted to explain away, this latest doozie will be a really tough one for Hillary and her band of crooks to just simply shrug off.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Hillary at this point, it’s that this vile human will practically do anything for money.  If it wasn’t enough that she sold uranium to Russia and our top military secrets to China, now we’re learning about another sickening thing she did while Secretary of State, who according to her own liberal media puppets would “stink to high heaven” if discovered.

Following the massive earthquake that struck Haiti back in 2010 while Hillary was serving as Obama’s Secretary of State, the terror hotbed country of Algeria made a massive multi-million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation, in exchange for a special little favor. As Wikileaks reveals in yet another disturbing “pay for play” scheme, Hillary agreed to take the country off the terror watch list in exchange for the enormous chunk of change these terrorists threw at her little “charity” organization.

In the damning email, the Hillary camp was emailing back and forth about CNN’s Joe Scarborough, who held discussion panel about the donation on his show, where he said the money would be a “legal grey area” for the Clintons. Between the highlighted portions of Scarborough’s transcript from his show, the Clinton camp interject their thoughts about how they will explain the scandal away, after raking in tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation, from the terrorist-ridden country of Algeria.


Later in the email, Hillary’s camp continues to excuse the donation, by making the false assertion that Algeria wasn’t even on a terror watchlist, and how the terrorist country was actually “allies” with the United States. The Clinton Foundation went on to acknowledge that it did not follow the law and alert the State Department about the massive gift, which is required by law in order to prevent foreign governments from trying to buy political favors.

Of course we know that this sort of thing went on for years, as the Clintons would routinely make speeches for various foreign organizations and terrorist groups, and then following a massive donation, Hillary would reward them somehow politically with her high-ranking position as Secretary of State.

Why does no one seem to care about this woman’s blatant corruption? At the very least this woman should be spending her life in prison, but by some incredible feat, she could soon be sworn in as our next president in just a short couple of weeks. The morons who blindly follow this woman truly have what’s coming to them if Hillary gets elected. It’s just unfortunate that the rest of us who actually give a crap about our country will be the ones to needlessly suffer, thanks to half the population who willingly have their heads up this woman’s ass.

H/T [The Gateway Pundit]



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