Wikileaks: Bill Clinton Got a Special $1 Million Dollar Birthday Present From Terrorists

How convenient!


Several revelations have sprung out of the many Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. While the mainstream media continues to focus on every deplorable and unfounded accusation made towards Trump, social media shouts back in defiance, “Wikileaks!”

However, as the presidential battle rages on between voters and the mainstream media, other discoveries are seldom being mentioned. One such overlooked fact is the connection between Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Islamic State.

In these two emails that were leaked from John Podesta’s inbox, we can visualize the close relationship between the Sunni governments and the Clinton Foundation. We can clearly see the wheels of politics at work and how a “birthday gift” and many donations were used to grease the hands of those who could make or break the policy of expansion held by the Muslim governments.

The first email (shown below in part) indicates that Qatar, a Sunni-led government, would like to meet with Bill Clinton (WJC) for the sole purpose of gifting him $1 million dollars on his birthday in 2011. In the line beneath the declaration of birthday tidings is another flattering bit of information. Qatar is donating tens of millions of dollars to Haiti through the Clinton Foundation.


The monetary support for the victims of Haiti seems innocent enough at first until you look at the date of the email. In 2011, Qatar was desperately trying to win the bid for the 2017 Olympics. It was announced the month following Bill’s birthday that they would be one of five countries considered to hold the prestigious event.

Further research shows a number of corporations opening operations within Qatar later that year. In December, the Shell corporation, an American based corporation, signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum to build a new petrochemical complex in Ras Laffan Industrial City. This was an agreement worth millions to both parties.

These types of deals are reminiscent of the recent pay-to-play scandals that dominated news headlines only a few months ago. First, foreign governments or corporations negotiate with one of the Clintons by donating large sums of money to their foundation. Normally a speech is involved, but in this case they conveniently had a reason to just give them the money.

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