Trump Dominates Early Lead In Blue State, LANDSLIDE Underway as Hillary FREAKS



Donald Trump has broken many political records this past year. Now he can add one more notch to his tie as the early voting numbers are starting to pour in from the Democrat historically led state of Florida.

Florida has long been a swing state regarded as one of the major battlegrounds between parties during presidential elections. Despite the corporate media’s biased and incorrect polls, the numbers coming in from early voting are already predicting a landslide for “The Donald” that is leaving many Democrats bewildered.
Trump’s early lead in Florida is so large, in fact, that it is already another record setting moment being a first for Republicans in the sunshine state. Numbers indicate that Trump has already received a whopping 120,000 votes landing him this prestigious title.

Florida has often been a place of contention and close scrutiny with battle lines being drawn right down the middle. In 2004, the results were actually contested and a recount was performed under the suspicion of voter accessibility and voter registration fraud. During the last round of presidential elections, Democrats took the crown by a mere 3%, but this year it is already clear according to the early registration numbers pouring in that Trump will win the state bringing Florida into the fold of conservative states.

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-8-11-27-amWhile the media bias this year makes it hard to believe any of the polls, some independent analysts have predicted Trump to win the election with as much as 87% of the vote. While that prediction seems enormously high and unfathomable in a presidential election, we have already witnessed a massive exodus of Democrats leaving the party in favor of Trump due to the allegations of fraud perpetrated against Bernie in the Democrat primaries.

We will be watching the numbers as they come in, especially in the swing states guaranteed to make-or-break this election for either candidate. I am expecting a landslide for Trump as many Americans have awoken to the corrupt practices of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. If there is one thing that can be said about the average American, we do not like liars and we will not stand for the kind of clear corruption witnessed this year. We will fight to preserve our freedoms at all costs, even if that means switching parties.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]


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