TRAITORS: List Of Elected Republicans Who Are Actively Sabotaging Trump’s Presidential Race

These traitors need to be exposed!


With America’s future hanging in the balance with the bleak possibility that the most vile person on planet earth could soon be our next president, you would think that Republicans would be doing everything possible to prevent that from happening. But shockingly, many of our elected Republican leaders are and turning their backs on Trump, and ruining our last chance at preventing Hillary Clinton from being elected this fall.

If there’s one thing liberals do damn well, it’s their ability to unite in order to get what they want. You’d think that Republicans would understand the simple concept of “united we stand divided we fall,” but for whatever reason, many of our elected officials are completely throwing America under the bus by turning their backs on Trump just weeks before the election. But unfortunately for these traitors, their antics are going to come with a huge price tag. These Republican leaders will now soon be faced with the wrath of the American people, after a nice little list was just compiled of all the elected officials who are trashing Trump’s presidential race, who, incidentally need your vote to get reelected. 

All-Inclusive List:

Kelly Ayotte, Senator of New Hampshire
Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama
Jaime Herrera Beutler, Representative of Washington
Bradley Byrne, Representative of Alabama
Jason Chaffetz, Representative of Utah
Mike Coffman, Representative of Colorado
Barbara Comstock, Representative of Virginia
Michael D. Crapo, Senator of Idaho
Dennis Daugaard, Governor of South Dakota
Rodney Davis, Representative of Illinois
Deb Fischer, Senator of Nebraska
Jeff Flake, Senator of Arizona
Jeff Fortenberry, Representative of Nebraska
Darryl Glenn, Running for Senate from Colorado
Cory Gardner, Senator of Colorado
Scott Garrett, Representative of New Jersey
Kay Granger, Representative of Texas
Cresent Hardy, Representative of Nevada
Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee
Joe Heck, Representative of Nevada, running for Senate
Gary R. Herbert, Governor of Utah
Jon M. Huntsman Jr., Former governor of Utah
Will Hurd, Representative of Texas
David Jolly, Representative of Florida
John Kasich, Governor of Ohio
John Katko, Representative of New York
Steve Knight, Representative of California
Mike Lee, Senator of Utah
Frank A. LoBiondo, Representative of New Jersey
Mia Love, Representative of Utah
Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico
John McCain, Senator of Arizona
Patrick Meehan, Representative of Pennsylvania
Lisa Murkowski, Senator of Alaska
George E. Pataki, Former governor of New York
Erik Paulsen, Representative of Minnesota
Tim Pawlenty, Former governor of Minnesota
Rob Portman, Senator of Ohio
Martha Roby, Represenative of Alabama
Tom Rooney, Representative of Florida
Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada
Mike Simpson, Representative of Idaho
Chris Stewart, Representative of Utah
Dan Sullivan, Senator of Alaska
John Thune, Senator of South Dakota and chairman of the Republican Conference
Fred Upton, Representative of Michigan
Ann Wagner, Representative of Missouri

Now it’s up to us to expose these double-crossing morons and show them exactly what happens to traitors. It’s about damn time that America cleans house, and we get people elected into office who have the best interests of our country in mind, and represents the will of the people!

H/T [NY Times]




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you missed Paul Ryan. Governor Baker of Mass. and prob. a few others