Sick Thing Spotted On Voting Machines In These 16 Key States

What's unfortunate for Hillary and her crooked minions is that we the people are wide awake and fully aware of their crooked schemes.


We all know that Hillary will do whatever it takes to become president, as chilling evidence of her massive voter fraud continues to emerge. Combine that with the fact that her billionaire funder George Soros is controlling the voting machines, and it’s a recipe for disaster. But unfortunately for Democrats, there’s a simple little trick that all voters can do when they cast their votes, to ensure that their votes aren’t stolen from Hillary and her band of crooks.

George Soros is one incredibly spooky dude. Thanks to Wikileaks, we’ve learned quite a lot about this evil leftist billionaire recently, including his and Hillary’s plans to flood America with Muslim refugees and establish a nationless borderless global state, just like what we see going on in Europe. The only thing needed for their diabolical plans to come to fruition is for Hillary to become the next president. Disturbingly, stealing the election this fall will be a cake walk for Soros, since he’s directly tied to Smartmatic, the company who will be providing the voting machines in 16 key states.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-1-17-18-pmWith a simple tweak, electronic voting machines can easily be calibrated to switch the votes from Republican to Democrat. A hacker can easily insert a malicious code in the tabulation software, achieving a win for the preferred candidate. And with these electronic machines, there’s no way to catch the fraud even through audits, since these devices leave no paper trail whatsoever.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-1-17-24-pmBut there is a simple step you can take to fight back, that Hillary and the Democrats hoped you’d never discover. The first step is to determine if these machines will be used in your states. If you live Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia, California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin, these are the areas that will be utilizing these Soros-owned Smartmatic machines.

After determining if your state will be utilizing these crooked machines, completely bypass these machines all together, by requesting a paper ballot when you go to vote. While this old fashioned way of counting ballots is more time consuming than just hitting a button on a screen, election fraud investigator Richard Hayes Phillips says it’s the only way to go in order to prevent fraud. “In my judgment, the solution is this: paper ballots, counted by hand, in full public view, at the polling place, on Election Night, no matter how long it takes,” he stated.

What’s unfortunate for Hillary and her crooked minions is that we the people are wide awake and fully aware of their crooked schemes. Unlike their clueless sheep that just eat up the propaganda and do whatever they’re told, Conservatives are incredibly bright, and together we CAN defeat this woman, if we continue to expose the corruption and spread the truth!

H/T [Real Clear Politics, Lifezette]



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Hate to tell you, but there is no telling what happens to our ballots once they leave your hands. Are you going to follow the trucks that collect the ballots to see where they go? Are you going to stay day and night at the Registrar of Voters where all the ballots are kept until they count them? Are you going to turn yourself into electrons do you can see if the secret tabulation software did not cheat when your ballot came by- if it ever did? Sorry. We have the least verifiable elections in the world. And they are… Read more »